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Fa. A.E. de Wit & zn. | de Gouw 86 | 1616 DD | Hoogkarspel
+316 53 68 63 11

Harvest and export of carrots and beets

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The family owned company A.E. de Wit in Hoogkarspel, sows, harvests, washes, polishes, grades and packs carrots for the Dutch market, and exports to countries within the European Union. Three generations of the De Wit family have helped to build up the Dutch root- and beet sector. Healthy vegetables at a fair price


Fresh carrots from the countryside to the plate. We harvest, unearth, wash, polish and pack until the vegetables are ready for transport within the Netherlands and Europe.


Fresh beets from the ground to the store. We grow, pack and transport the beets for consumption in the Netherlands and Europe.


We provide fast and flexible deliveries of carrots and beets. Transport by our own refrigerated trucks, vacuum packing and walking floors inside and outside the Netherlands.


We produce and transport our carrots and beets in accordance with the strictest quality standards of Global Gap and GMP+. Certification that guarantees worldwide quality.