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In the production of our carrots, taste, colour and shelf life are the most important factors.
Whether it's in a big or small pack, we deliver quickly and flexibly.
Through three generations of craftsmanship, good growing conditions and strict selection criteria, the roots of A.E. de Wit & Sons have taken a firm hold in the European market.


Polishing carrots

In our factory, we produce carrots ready for sale and transportation.
Our machines are expertly operated to wash, polish, sort and pack carrots.

Certified quality carrots

For all our products and production processes, we have Global Gap and GMP+ certification.
Worldwide therefore, we meet the most stringent quality standards and guarantee high quality.
Delicious roots from the country to the plate.

Sorting sizes of polished carrot

The washed roots are sized per:
50-200 grams
100-300 grams
200-400 grams
400-600 grams

Delivery of field cropped carrots is also possible.


Wrap in plastic

Packed in plastic

1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg in plastic
Packing in net bag

Packed in net bags

5 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg net bag packed
Packing in big bags

Packed in big bags

1,200 kg big bags
Packaging in blue EPS trays

Packed in blue EPS trays

20 kilograms